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Seeking First with Sonnie Beverly

Election 2016

by Sonnie Beverly on 11/11/16


11/9/16 - Just woke up and turned on The Today Show. Now I see why right after Shannell sent me that picture of the Hillary Wangs God had me to turn off the election so I don't stress out with everybody and watch movies til I fell asleep not checking for updates or nothing. Just stayed at the throne with Him fast asleep until the final results were in. When I just saw the results I'm like I must still be sleep having a freakin nightmare. When I realized what had happened I was like what now Lord? What I got strong in my spirit was that the rapture is upon those of us Saved Folk who believe in it. Like any minute. Everything that needs to happen has already happened. Then I was lead to post this pic of the last pages of my first book Saved Folk In The House. Now that the campaign/election is over, be thankful for our 8 great years with President Obama, keep doing what we do on the daily, I'm ignoring politics like I did pre-Obama, will pray without ceasing, SEEK GOD FIRST in EVERYTHING and by all means BE READY every single second of the day for the rapture. #GodIsOurPresident #WeGood #PresidentJesus

11/10/16 - Nope. Don't feel no better today. Matter of fact feels worse as reality sets in. Sending Peace & Comfort to the Obamas and the Clintons. So I had a lil talk with Jesus and this is the revelation: I travel a lot and when I arrive at the place I'm VISITING, I unpack and make myself right at HOME. Then I set out doing what I'm there to do, work, vacation, sightsee, shop, hang out with fam and friends, etc. In the LAST DAYS of my trips I make sure I'M READY to return home by checking off my To Do List. I ain't missing no rides/flights. This country is not my home. Never was, never will be. We're all just passing thru headed somewhere. Oh sure I'm counted for census purposes as an American, whatever. I'm in this place, but I'm not of it. I am a CITIZEN OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD which always has been and always will be my HOME. All this looks like to me is this VISIT to America we've been on is winding up and Jesus is coming to get Saved Folk to take us HOME! In the meantime I'll continue to do and enjoy what I've been doing and enjoying, READY and looking forward to getting HOME and spending eternity with President Jesus!

11/10/16 - And the plot thickens. But while I wait on the Lord I’ll research. I just ran up on a video of pastors I have respected in the past praying for trump, actually calling him president trump while he looking so ignorant he can’t even hold still while they are laying their hands on him or keep his eyes shut, looking like a STUPID lost puppy, yet there they are praying for him like he ain’t no demon. Well, I believe he is. So what?!? One pastor, david jeremiah who has been ministering on this rapture recently, the same rapture that Jesus told me to be on the lookout for right before I found out trump had won, was one of the pastors praying. So I found his sermon online about said rapture and as I’m listening I’m getting a whole new perspective that most definitely has to be further investigated. In a nutshell what I’m getting through my Obama loving filter is that this out of control sick world is DOOMED and ain’t a dang thang we can do about it. Therefore the sooner Jesus comes the better and trump is such a demon that him as president will be so devastating that Jesus will have to come rescue HIS SAVED FOLK from the new Axis of Evil, trump/putin/assad. #FoundThoseSilentVotesThatGottrumpOver #BeReady#SavedFolkSeekFirst

Original Organic Edition of Saved Babies Daddies

by Sonnie Beverly on 10/08/15

REAL - genuine, authentic, true, actual, certified, unquestionable, verifiable, unfeigned, undisputed, sincere, undeniable

Fake - false, counterfeit, bogus, imitation, fraudulent, phony, pretend, deceptive

Genuine Diamond = Real vs. Cubic Zirconia = Fake

Unless you are an expert, sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish the difference between a genuine diamond and a cubic zirconia. There are genuine diamonds in the body of Christ. Then there are cubic zirconias who don't even realize that they are not saved. The cubic zirconias in the body of Christ are mostly saved in their heads. Real salvation requires a heart decision. It's time for the genuine diamonds in the body of Christ, the Real Saved Folk, to help eliminate the fake and replace it with the real. Unsaved folk are depending on us to show them the way to be Real Saved Folk. Click on the title to read the original, organic edition of SAVED BABIES DADDIES to see how Zakia became a Real Saved Folk, sold out and on fire for Jesus!

The Kang and His Queen

by Sonnie Beverly on 08/25/15

The Most Beautiful Wedding Ever